Ways to Earn Money Online
(62 Real Ways & 143 Best Websites)

  • All primary ways & most common secondary ways
  • Most popular & most reputable websites that help in earning

Important: There is much false information on the net, so some people expect to find magic in ways to earn money online. Unfortunately, there is no magic here, only reality. What follows are ways in which ordinary people earn everything from fast few dollars to not-so-fast thousands of dollars online.
*** next 3 sentences are a joke (some people don't realize it) ***
If you still want magic, look for a guy called Harry (wears glasses). Although young, he appears to be world's leading expert in that area, teaches courses on TV and makes a lot of money.
Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Harry. :)

How to Earn Money

Earn-Money-Online-Ways.com is the result of a very thorough research on how people really earn money online. Scams designed to exploit people have been eliminated and only real ways presented on the site.

Follow some of the links below to get the most important information about ways of earning money and best websites that can be used.
All links contain outstanding opportunities, so don't dismiss any of them easily.

Links below (or menu on the left) reveal 62 most common, legitimate ways to earn money online (there are no scams - they are filtered out and will never appear on this site). Along with most important information, the pages contain 143 most popular high-quality websites which provide essential help and make it easier to work at home, do business with your computer or simply find regular jobs (full time or part time, contract or freelance).

Nearly all money earning ways are free and can be done from home (those few that are not free are listed because they are really worth being paid for). Most methods enable people to make a living online, but can also be used for earning smaller amounts more quickly. Some can bring big money, if enough time and work is invested (otherwise they will bring solid or just extra money), while some are for people who need to earn extra money fast.

Money making ways are categorized for easy access. Primary ways are general and most widely used, so they are given a special attention. Still, majority of those 62 ways are secondary and a lot of them are interesting and/or unusual.

Primary Money Earning Ways

Writing Ways


Self-destructively avoided by some people (yes, self-destructively!). You don't need to write perfectly and you don't need to write constantly in order to make serious money. Writing is one of the best ways to make money online, mostly because it has the ability to keep bringing profit for a long time (after you've finished your work). You can write on some of the revenue sharing sites, easily make your own website/blog or find a writing job.

Easy Online Jobs


Small, simple jobs that can be done in a short time.

Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs are among the most commonly used methods of earning money on the internet. They are that much popular because they can bring very serious profit, while their commission-based model of earning means that they don't require any investment. Affiliate programs are often combined with writing, although they don't need to be.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are easy and quite often amusing. They are very popular, but also attract a lot of scammers. Here is the truth about them, how much money they will bring you and how to find legit sites that really pay.

Job Finding Sites


Whether you're searching for online or regular (offline) jobs, freelance or contract, part time or full time jobs, these sites are best places for finding them. They are also best places for posting a job offer, in case you have one.

Writing Reviews


Writing reviews is easy and interesting way of earning money online. You can do it on your own website/blog or on websites which pay you for your reviews.

Earning With Videos


How to make money with your or other people's videos. Videos can be on YouTube, your own site/blog or anywhere else on the internet.

Selling Photos


If you like taking photos, this can be both enjoyable and quite easy way of making money. Here are the most reputable websites on which to sell your photos.

Easily Made Stores


Creating an online store was not simple in the past, but now there are tools that allow you to easily make your own store and potentially earn a lot of money. There are also tools which can teach you how to bring visitors and maximize your income. Needless to say, this is one of the most profitable business opportunities on the internet.

Selling Online


What you can sell online and the best websites through which you can sell effectively. Beside websites on which you can sell practically everything (including your own stuff), there are those specialized in specific items, such as designs, art, crafts, used electronics, documents, ebooks and more.

Secondary Money Earning Ways (Specific, Interesting, Unusual)

Secondary Money Earning Ways


Don't think that secondary means less important. It simply means that these money earning ways are not general, but for specific groups of people. Serious money can be made through them, as well. Some separately discussed methods are answering questions for money, educating and advising and online tutoring and homework help, while others include reviewing software, testing websites, transcription jobs, solving computer problems, providing customer service and so on. Some interesting business ideas are there too, as well as unusual opportunities like making up domain names and slogans, being an online juror and more.

Just a few words about the purpose of this site:

The idea of creating it came from all the imperfections of searching for information using the internet. Yes, finding the information is quick and easy job nowadays, as many people like to say. However, finding the right information is anything but easy and fast.

Now, who wrote that? Is it true? What do others say? Who of them has the real knowledge and who is writing about what was told to a neighbor by his/her sister's friend? How much and where on the internet do you need to search until you know what is really the best information?

This same questions bother over and over. They were also bothering me while I was spending weeks working on my own research of ways to earn money online, trying to separate real from false, legit from scam...

The mission of Earn-Money-Online-Ways.com is to collect and present legitimate ways of making money on the internet and the best websites that represent those "earn money online" ways. When I say best, I mean the most popular, most reputable and high-quality websites (no scams allowed). Simply said: websites that are popular because they are good.

If this is your first time here, you are probably anxious to learn how to earn money online and would like to get on it right away. Still, read the following few sentences before that, as they are very important.

Too many people in this world choose easy ways without even trying to understand solutions that could bring much more. It is no different with making money.

You will find here all major and a lot of "secondary" ways to earn money online. It may appear to you that some are too demanding or just not for you. However, this easily may not be true and you could miss some great, great financial opportunities!

Don't do this to yourself. Reject a money earning way only when you really know what it is and you are absolutely sure that you cannot or don't want to do it.

Use the links above (or navigation bar on the left) to choose what interests you the most. Because of everything said here, I highly recommend that you start your journey through "earn money online" ways from those that I have deliberately placed first: Writing ways.

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How Much Money

(labels and their meaning)

        fast money

        Can bring dollars and tens

        of dollars for a few hours

        can bring serious money

        Can bring hundreds and

        thousands of dollars per


        can make you rich

        Can bring thousands and

        tens of thousands of

        dollars per month, while

        some people even became

        millionaires. However, it is

        not easy and it does not

        happen over night